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How to give a dog a bath more easily with Bath Buddy

Bathing our 2 Whoodles can be a chore. Bending over the tub times 2 takes a number on my lower back and add in that I had to chase them around the house when they suspect the bath running is for them and carry them upstairs because they won’t willingly come up. Had I known how to give a dog a bath more easily involved some peanut butter and a rubber paw I’d have bought these when I stocked up on new puppy items as we got them.

It’s as easy as spreading peanut butter, sticking to the tub or shower wall and giving them a bath they enjoy more.

Leah and Maya will see me pull out the paw and come running. Maya will do anything for food and Leah (our black Whoodle) is interested yet still knows this means bath time.

Once in the bath, Leah will lick it right away then as I start to wash her she stops. She is staring at it but won’t eat as I wash so I give her tiny breaks like as I grab shampoo and conditioner and before each rinse I let her have it for a bit. Maya just goes for it and licks it clean, water in the face or not!

These are great gifts for new dog owners or even veteran dog owners. They are great to add into raffle baskets and then grab some for your own home.

Comment: I was sent product. All opinions are 100% my own

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