How To Get The Entire Family Eating Paleo or At Least A Clean Diet

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Parents have the responsibility to raise the healthiest children possible and this all starts with the diet. A poor diet coupled with an active lifestyle can yield healthy kids but poor eating habits could follow them for life. We are the best examples that our children have and dietary habits tend to follow people for years much like hygiene or exercise habits. The best thing that you can do is to start researching different diets and meal plans to see which align with the goals of your family. Education is important as a few tweaks to the family’s current diet could be all that is needed. The following are ways to get the entire family eating a clean diet or adopting the Paleo diet for years to come. 

Educate Your Kids On The Topic

Educating the children on the reasons they should eat healthy needs to be done as the new eating habits will be met with much less resistance. There are so many blogs and websites with information that a teen might become very interested in. For those teens that might be overweight or have skin issues, a change in diet could be a huge help to both of these issues. For those parents that are raising athletes it might be better to stress how eating healthy will improve their performance overall and recovery. The perk of playing better without having to put in extra time can be reason enough for a child athlete to continue to eat healthy. 

It Starts With Grocery Shopping

The truth is that eating healthy starts in the grocery store as bringing home cookies and copious amounts of sweets is a recipe for disaster. Keeping the temptations out of the house is half of the battle as kids will not reject food simply because it is healthy after a long day at school. Packing a healthy lunch can allow your kids to start to do better in school as they will not have that lull after lunch that tends to make people sleepy. This can be due to the excess of sugars consumed during lunch if the lunch packed is less than healthy. A good rule of thumb is only to purchase foods that are natural and not processed. If it grows on a tree or in the ground it is usually far healthier than a processed food like that of gummy bears or a Little Debby snack. 

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks can be delicious whether it is gourmet beef jerky or crisp fresh fruit. Snacking is the area where most families will make the largest adjustment when eating clean or adopting the Paleo diet. Most of the time families eat healthy during their main meals only to go off track with their snacks. Plenty of people have had a healthy diet only to gorge on ice cream and chips later in the night leading them to a caloric excess. Taking the time to look up different healthy snacks is important as making your own popsicles can be much healthier than your kids scarfing down some gelato.  

No Soda In The Home

One easy rule that can make a huge difference in the dental and overall health of the family is banning soda from the home. This might seem like a mortal sin to many families but the excess of sugars and calories simply are not good for anyone of any age. Caffeine could be the concern to you or a teenager but coffee is a great healthy alternative to get your caffeine fix. Energy drinks should also be cut out of the diets of the entire family as these can be dangerous when too much is consumed. There have even been deaths associated with drinking multiple energy drinks in a short time span.

Meal Prep

Many families resort to getting delivery food whether it is pizza or subs when parents do not want to cook. Understanding that certain days of the week are tougher than others can lead parents to start meal prepping for certain days. The ability to throw a dish in the oven for a few minutes to cook then serving it is much healthier than most delivery foods. Meal prepping also makes grocery shopping much easier as you will have a meal plan along with recipes that can make creating a grocery list quite seamless. Bodybuilders meal prep consistently so they can control their portions which is another positive of doing this regularly. 

Getting the entire family to eat healthy is in your hands as the parent. Use the above tips to get started with your new eating habits as soon as possible. Use a diary for each member of the family so they can track how they are feeling compared to before they started eating in a healthy manner. You can see differences over the course of time in a much easier way when it is written as even the energy level of the writing can be seen. 

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