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How to Find a New Dentist That Caters to the Whole Family

For many parents, it may come as a surprise that the first trip to the dentist for your little one should actually be around the age of one, or once they start getting their teeth in. Sure they aren’t likely to have any cavities, but it’s a wonderful way to introduce them to the habit of seeing a dentist, and train you on how to follow the steps of good oral hygiene for them. Before kids, you may not have given too much thought as to which dentist you see, but after kids, it’s important to find a dental clinic that doesn’t just cater to the adults, but the kids as well.

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Here we’ll take a look at the steps involved to find a new dentist that is great for the whole family.

A Dentist with a Friendly Approach

While skills and training certainly matter when picking the best dentist, their patient-relations are also a big factor when making the final decision. You want to find a dentist that is not only great with adults but also makes kids feel comfortable and at ease. This can be a little harder to find, so it may take some looking around.

A Waiting Room with Kids in Mind

Family dental clinics should also have a waiting room that is appealing to kids. They can offer such things as toys and books, along with video games, televisions with kids’ programming, and even tablets to use while in the office. It also doesn’t hurt to have a treat or prize box that kids can rummage through after a successful appointment. All of these acts as incentives and help make kids feel more relaxed in the office.

As well, you want to be sure you pick a dentist that is pretty good about staying on schedule so the wait time is short. The last thing you want to deal with is keeping the kids entertained while you wait.

Do They Use the Latest Tools and Technology?

Because you want the best for your kids, looking for a dental clinic that uses the latest technology, tools, and practices is usually high on the list. This can improve the level of care that you are given, especially if you need anything outside the standard teeth cleaning. 

A great example is Elite Dentistry of Simi Valley, a dentist in Simi Valley that caters to all ages. They use state-of-the-art equipment and technology, which helps to ensure they catch potential issues early on and can provide all types of services include emergency dental care, dental implants, fillings, cosmetic dental procedures, and more.

Is Your Insurance Provider Accepted?

Finally, if you have dental insurance, you want to be sure your provider is accepted at the office. You can ask them over the phone before you even make that initial appointment. If you have any questions as to what your plan covers, you’ll need to speak to your provider directly.

For those without insurance, it may be smart to ask if the clinic offers payment plans.

A Decision Everyone Agrees On

These tips will help you to find the perfect dental clinic for the whole family.

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