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How to conquer your germ alter ego with Lysol

This is a promotional post for Lysol

It is cold and flu season and as it his has been for a few years now, this year is on track for being worse than the previous year. Suddenly we are a society yearning to learn healthier habits and safe approaches to keeping our families healthy and germ-free. When looking at the Lysol Germ Alter Ego graphic above, what alter ego are you?
As a Mom to all boys dirt and germs are everywhere and I have to always think ahead and be observant. I am the Magician! As a Germ Magician, I can find something in a heartbeat to catch that dripping nose and spot a station of disinfectant wipes in a store entrance from a mile away. If I didn’t think it would cause some trespassing issue, I would even lean over to catch your child’s nose or sticky fingers as you walk by me in the grocery store. Just a Mom of boys wandering around town with wipes and hand sanitizer in my oversized purse.  
Lysol doesn’t want you to have to resort to extreme germ-avoiding behaviors. There are basic steps you can take that are effective for your germ-fighting needs. Like a cowboy needs his holster and gun so does a Mom of kids need her Lysol and germ-blasters! No more silly superhero moves, who has time for that anyway? 
  • No more playing the Touch-a-phobe who carries tongs and gloves at all times
  • No more playing the Defriender who has a book of excuses to get out of play dates with sickies
  • No more playing the Avoidenator who is afraid to leave your own walls with your kids
  • No more playing the Magician with eyes forward at all time scanning for germy situations
Lysol has been a trusted source for 100 years in home and on-the-go germ fighting supplies. Lysol is our cold and flu prevention go-to brand with germ fighting products such as Lysol Wipes, On-the-go Disinfectant spray and Touch of Foam antibacterial hand soap that are all 99.9% effective at killing viruses and bacteria. This is a bad season for the flu and it takes just moments to wipe down your home daily with products like Lysol proven effective.
Be prepared with these products and remember to #lysolthat!
Disclaimer: I was provided products from the sponsor. All opinions are 100% my own

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