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How to choose a nursing home for yourself

Deciding to move into a nursing home is difficult. You may be concerned about leaving your home and going into a new environment. However, a nursing home should provide you with consistent care. Furthermore, there are often activities available and opportunities for you to socialize. The nursing home you choose can make a big impact on how well you settle into your new life and the decision should be made with care. One thing to consider is whether you want non profit nursing homes as this may affect the level of care that you receive. 

What are your priorities?

The first thing to consider is what you want from a nursing home.  You may want to find somewhere with good food, a religious connection or good physical therapy. You should also think about your proximity to friends and family and how easy it will be for them to come and visit. 

Some homes specialize in dementia care, if you do not suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s then you may want to avoid these homes. This is because they will have a high number of residents with these illnesses, which may make it difficult for you to make friends and join activities. 

You need to ask yourself whether you can see yourself living there and being comfortable and happy. 

What do your friends and family think?

Always involve other people in your decision, a second or third person looking out for you could be very important. Bring someone along with you when visiting nursing homes and get their advice. 

Visit as many as you can

Visit as many nursing homes as you can that are close to you. This will give you a good idea of what’s available. You may find somewhere that has a good feel to it. Here you can find a checklist which you can bring with you so know what questions you should ask. 

Once you have narrowed down a couple of facilities, try and visit a second time. This could be your new home for a long time and it needs to be right. You may want to visit during mealtimes to get an idea of what food they serve and the atmosphere in the dining room. 


Activities are important as you age. Keeping your mind active will help it to stay healthy. Some nursing homes offer better activities than others, or some may offer activities that are more suited to you. When visiting nursing homes, you can ask to sit in on one of the activities so you can get a good idea of what the home can offer, this is also an opportunity to meet other residents. 

Read your contract

Once you have chosen a home make sure you read your contract. You can also get friends and family to have a look at it, as they might pick up on something you have missed. 

If you have any questions regarding your contact or anything you have seen make sure you ask.

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