How to Build a Backyard Playspace for Your Kids

As a parent, all you want is to make your child’s dreams come true. Now, you have the chance to do just that by building a backyard playspace

Unfortunately, constructing such a structure isn’t particularly intuitive. You’re sure to need help as you piece together a playspace for your kids.

That’s what we’re here for — here are five of our best tips for building a playspace in your backyard. 

1. Find a Flat, Soft Spot to Build

Approximately 500,000 children sustain injuries each year while playing on a playground. Less than half result in a trip to the emergency room, which means most bumps and scrapes aren’t too serious.

Nevertheless, you’ll want to reduce the chance of injury as much as possible before building your backyard playspace. Start by scoping out a flat stretch of land on which to build. Then, examine the ground. Is it grassy with soft soil below? You could get away with building your playground here. 

However, the ground might be covered in rocks or asphalt — the earth could just feel solid, too. In this case, you’ll want to lay a soft material beneath your playspace for maximum protection. Mulch, sand, rubber mats or even shredded rubber can do the trick. 

2. Examine the Surrounding Area

Once you’ve settled on a location for your playspace, you should take its environmental situation into consideration. For instance, how does rainwater drain from the site? You don’t want water to pool underneath your playspace. 

Then, look out for any potential hazards nearby. Is there a hill that a child could slip down? Do you see any ponds or streams that would require fencing to keep little ones away? 

You should also consider the amount of sunlight that the spot receives. When it comes to playspaces, it’s better to place them in the shade. If you can’t find a spot with an overhang, safety rules stipulate that you should add roofing to the structure. You can install exterior shades as well. 

3. Choose the Must-Have Features

The beauty of building your own playspace is that you get to choose all of its fun features. Once you have a spot for your new playground, you can figure out what pieces it has to have. 

You could go for the classics, including a slide, swings and some sort of climbing apparatus. Your playground might also incorporate monkey bars, tunnels, a tic-tac-toe board… the possibilities are truly endless. 

On top of that, you should add safety features to your playspace, too. This step includes overhead roofing and safety handrails, as well as kid-friendly steps to the top. 

4. Ask For Advice From Kids and Grown-Ups

As a parent, it will be fun for you to have a playground in your backyard. But your excitement pales in comparison to how your kids feel about the addition. 

You probably can’t make all of their wishes come true with the playspace. You might find that they ask for accessories that are too big for your backyard. They could request a playground style that doesn’t even exist yet — you’ve got to love a child’s imagination. 

However, it would be a mistake to build a playground without asking your kids what they most want to have in the backyard. Perhaps they’d be sad without a swingset or bored by monkey bars. Take their favorites into account to ensure you build the perfect play place. 

On that note, you can ask other parent friends for their advice as well. If you know someone with a playground in their backyard, ask which features are the most popular and which they’d remove if they could. Everyone’s perfect playspace will be different, of course, but this advice can help you narrow down the field. 

5. Get Expert Help If Needed

If you’re handy enough, you may be able to build your playspace without help. Most of us will need expert guidance, though. 

Someone versed in playground construction will help you select a base structure and all of the accessories that will spring from it. On that note, they can customize the slides, swings and other fun features to your specifications. 

Better yet, a professional can ensure that your structure complies with all safety guidelines. You want your kids to be secure while they play — enlist help if you feel like you can’t complete this step on your own. 

Finally, experts can construct your structure with ease. Or, you can get help up to this point, then build your playspace solo. Either way, you can rest assured that your structure is kid-friendly, thanks to the professional help you sought. 

6. Start Playing

Building the playspace is just the beginning of the story. You and your kiddos have so many memories to make in the backyard. So, get started on your project and, soon enough, you’ll all be playing outside together. 

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