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How to brown butter

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Brown Butter Myzithra! One of my families favorite dishes. The key to a great Italian favorite like this is the browning of the butter. Brown too little and you taste butter! You do not want to taste ‘butter’! Brown too much and you taste burnt butter! You don’t want to taste that either-trust me!
I will show you step-by-step how to perfectly brown your butter! 
1 cup of butter is standard for an entire package of pasta to feed a family of 4-5. 
Step 2
Here is where you can go wrong! You are using 2 senses very keenly! Your eyes to see the start of an Amber color then stir about 1 more minute beyond that. You do not want to start seeing black particles! Your nose is needed to smell less of a butter odor and more of a nutty odor.
Step 3
Almost done. We need to separate the liquid from the sediment. Do this after it was removed from heat and had been allowed to settle a few moments. I like to carefully pour (or use liquid strainer) the liquid into a glass bowl and keep in the microwave until pasta is done. You can also make ahead and refrigerate a few days. However, once you go to prepare your dish, you want that butter piping hot!

To complete a brown butter myzithra dish. Just pour a bit of hot, separated brown butter over cooked noodles sprinkled with a good amount of myzithra and toss. Add more myzithra on top if needed. Enjoy the carbs!
I like to use the Spaghetti Factory myzithra that you could purchase at the restaurant and at most Costco’s now! It’s about $8 for 2 tubs and that makes 2 meals!
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