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How online shoppers save over 50% with Verified Codes

This is a sponsored post for Verified Codes on behalf of Sverve. All opinions are 100% my own

When I shop, I never settle for full price. Even if I see something I like in a store that is not on any special, I know that product exists in other stores who may have it on sale and with the age of smartphones I can search. We had been shopping around for a safe and as we stood in a sporting goods store recently, my husband grabbed his phone and searched the model number and found that an online retailer had it for half the price. I stood in the store and ordered it and saved using my phone so that I did not miss that price. Shopping online and comparing can be a little more time challenging. I never checkout online from a retailer without searching promo codes. However, many times I go to these sites and that promo code does not work or it was a one time code posted and so I move on to a new site to search for more. Verified Codes is just as the name states-a savings site that verified the promo codes to save you time and money!
Verified codes is a website and a Chrome extension as well. I love to download the extensions because I may be in a rush and Verified Codes will remind me to save before I check out! You can search my deals, browse coupons or search by store name. They are partnered with so many retailers and brands that you are sure to find the outlet or savings you need. You can also organize your search through their website by new or recent codes, recent deals and the expiring deals so you can score the savings before it’s gone! Installing the extension version is easy and a great way to assist you as you shop every time.
How to save 50% or more

The little orange button on the right end of the header at Verified Codes is your big savings button. 
Once in this 50%+ section you get deals stacked that save you a minimum of 50% off. From each deal, you can get to that retailer or brand with just a click so the item can be added to your cart. The codes are verified so the savings will occur without additional steps or browsing. You get a notice of the last time the deal was successfully used and expiration dates for that deal. You can share that deal on your social media as well as rate it to assist other shoppers!
Save time and money by visiting Verified Codes today!

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