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How I Eliminated My Shirts Sweat Stains With Raise Armpit Stain Remover!

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Summer is coming! Yay-my favorite time of year! I love the heat and hate layering. Now I live in Wa. State and we are not at all known for shorts and tank weather but for maybe 2 months of the whole year. But I will absorb every ounce of hot I can get when it arrives. Staying active out doors in hot weather will make you sweat and with most fabrics, the sweat can reek havic on the armpits and collars of your clothes. As I received my bottle of Raise Armpit Stain Remover (clever name for an armpit stain remover, I must say!) I started reading about the product before trying it for this review. Right away I realized I had done so wrong in the past! I was using bleach for these sweat stains. With a son who plays sports, I constantly come across these stains and naturally assumed bleach was the fix. It made it worse! Why? According to Raise education I read, Bleach reacts with the proteins in the stain making them permanent. Now what do I do? I was all excited to grab those white shirts I can’t wear anymore and bring them back to new, but I use bleach. Dang it! Well, for the sake of going through the process, I took the shirts anyhow and used Raise.
The best way to get the most benefit from this bottle is to pre-treat. Apply to stain and rub or use a small brush to set it in and leave alone 15-20 minutes before laundering. It wasn’t harsh on my hands even though it recommended gloves. I went without and then washed my hands. Granted I used white clothing but Raise will work on colored clothes just as well. Of course, with any laundry treatment you are better off testing a small area first!
Above are my 4 shirts before Raise-soaking with Raise and then completed after using Raise armpit stain remover. Remember! I accidently used bleach first, but I wanted to show how simple a process it was to get those stains out! As you can see, even though I thought I ruined them, Raise still did an outstanding job! No doubt the next article of clothing I come across with collar or armpit stains, I will Say No to the bleach and use my Raise armpit stain remover!

This product sells for about $12.50 for a 12oz bottle and currently you can score 2 bottles for $20 by visiting

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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