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How I am saving time by using Glow Upp to schedule social media posts

Glow Upp to schedule social media posts

You would think that with these stay-at-home orders during COVID I would have so much extra time to get things done. You would think we all were just given a chance to stop and reset. A first I had thought about what would I do now that work hours are shortened and my role of running a HS kitchen shifted to making meals in the morning and off by 10am?

Truth is I became a homeschooling Mom, a house remodel DIY-er for weeks (we had a flood that turned into new floors, we painted and redid rooms) and found that I took the time to make blog changes and hosting changes and do some online learning. I suddenly had less time in my day. I needed help in some of the redundant areas and Glow Upp has been able to help me schedule social media posts and it is saving me so much time.

Instagram schedules

I spend about an hour a week (not over 30 minutes a day), creating my social posts to go live throughout the week. It takes me almost as much time being creative on how I will share my blog posts online as it does to write the actual post. Having help in creating these social posts is a huge benefit. I get to log into one space, schedule social media posts, add an image and check boxes to the platforms I want them sent on.

My latest focus is my Instagram page. I have not spent as much attention on Instagram in the past and it is because I am already savvy and have a blog, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest plan and when Instagram became a new popular platform I just didn’t have it in me to add to my load. Because of this I am not posting as much and missing out on a huge portion of future followers.

schedule posts

This is where I have decided to use Glow Upp to help me refocus. I have begun using their site to create Instagram posts with good images, hashtags and I can even leave that first comment in one space and schedule. I have no excuse to not have a daily post go live and it costs be no extra time day by day. Just a little bit of time once a week. It works!

Free trial – schedule social media posts on Glow Upp!

Give it a try for a but then once you realize how easy and time-saving it is you can pick a plan that works for you. Connect your social pages and then head to the Publish tab and create your post. Tell Glow Upp which platforms you want that to go live and pick a day and time. It takes just a few moments and you can do it again until you have daily (at least) posts schedule to go live for you. It’s a high quality fast & easy to use tool at a price everyone can afford, while freeing up more time for influencers, small businesses & everyday people. Start your free trial today and save time while you schedule social media posts more efficiently!

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