How do you take your coffee?

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The summer is ending and the kids are back to school and because I work at the High School I have to go back to work! My main morning staple is coffee and I will pretty much take caffeine any way I can. My husband is strictly a black coffee drinker, I love creamy and flavored coffee and if the teen needs a pick-me-up he likes to use fast and convenient caffeine right out of the fridge. With so many choices on ways to get that coffee in us, how do you take your coffee?
These varieties I have are sure to satisfy any coffee flavor or variety you prefer. I like to keep a few varieties around the house so that if I am in a hurry I can grab and go and if I have time I can brew a mug.
Brewed Coffee Lovers

Have you tried the McCafe premium roast and K-cup coffees yet? I have bought this brand a few times and we love it. We love the dark roasts in this house and McCafe has dark roasts that taste great! McCafe coffee blends are at most grocers nationwide. 
The K-Cups come in French Roast which is bold and dark and Premium Roast in regular or decaf that is smooth and balanced. 
The McCafe ground and bean coffees come in the French Roast, Premium Roast same as the K-Cup blends. There is Breakfast, Columbian, French Vanilla and Hazelnut as well in ground coffee.

Iced Coffee Lovers

Maxwell House has Iced Coffee Concentrates available that allow you to take your coffee with you. If you keep one in your purse or bag, a glass of milk or ice water is all you need. Simple squeeze the flavor you love most-caramel, house blend or vanilla-stir and enjoy! These are so creamy and full of flavor without any bad aftertaste! 

Flavored Coffee Lovers

These Gevalia ready-to-go coffee beverages are so delicious! With flavors like caramel, mocha and vanilla flavors you will love these cold coffee varieties made with Almond Milk. There are 9 grams of protein in each drink in these Arabica coffee blends. I love keeping these on hand when in a hurry!
Be prepared at home with coffees to brew, take with you or grab and go! These varieties can be found at grocers near you!
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