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How do you discipline? Need help? PLAY The Discipline Solution can help

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This review is on behalf of PLAY The Discipline Solution

Summer is coming and Spring Break just gave you a glimpse of what’s to come! Kids fighting, boredom, wanting, bickering, tattling! Does this sound like your home? What discipline techniques do you use? How are they working for you? Trust me, I can laugh at these questions and I only have a 5 year old! Well, I also have a 16 & 21 year old, but the 5 year old has sort of slipped under the radar discipline-wise and I need to catch up with him. So, I turned to PLAY: The Parenting Toolkit! I am happy to announce that I am back on track with him now. 
What is PLAY?
Planning Life for Active Youngens

It is a system set up by a Mom who all relates to the above scenario. Like many of us, she needed to take her kids constant bickering and boredom and create a system that wrapped many lessons up all in one. It needed to be easy to use for all ages and a chart form to keep tally as well as teach them to earn, work hard and realize consequences to their actions. You need this book and a box-I used a shoebox as she suggested as well as play money we have-some $1, $5, $10 & $20’s. 
The book gives you all the tools! Don’t have play money as I suggested above? You can print and cut out the Mommy Dollars she provides you as well. These are Mommy Dollars and in her toolkit, 1 Mommy Dollar equals .25cents. The Mommy Dollars can be used for shopping, buying privileges or getting out of trouble. Mommy Dollars are earned by chores, good behavior or bonuses. The catch is that Mommy Dollars can be taken away for misbehavior, bad grades and sloppy work or chores. You can create your own Pay, Fine, Price and Law lists or use the ons already done in the Toolkit-blank and ready for you to implement.
This was easy to implement-everything I needed was available and ready for me to print and use. It took me less than 2 hours to read and tweak the book to work for my son. Every night before bed, he gets paid his Mommy Dollars minus any ‘fines’ he may have been charged for his bad behavior. He strives to have a good attitude all day, all I have to say is “think twice before you throw that because you’re mad because a bad attitude will cost you $3 Mommy Dollars,etc…” I followed her suggestion and use her chore checklist (also provided) to assign my son 2 chores a day. He earns Mommy Dollars for these and can earn bonus if he does excellent job or doesn’t have to be reminded. He wakes up, reads his chore list and either keeps in mind his chores or does them. It also is teaching him a bit of time-management. I can remind him “…he has chores, but at lunchtime we have to leave for all day so you need to think ahead and get chores done before lunchtime or we will get home late and you don’t get paid when they are not done.”
How can you get the PLAY The Discipline Solution?
Visit and find all of the details and information you need.

I was provided the above product for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I have to tell you – I just ran, not walked – ran to that site to get my own! My kids have been down right viscious lately and I need all the help I can get before summer gets here next month!!

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