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How Children Learn While at the Playground

This post was sponsored by Landscape Structures as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own

how children learn

As parents we have no doubt that children are growing and learning through play. It is the type of play that determines the level of learning. My son is 8 and loves video games and I am OK with him playing. These games teach strategy and problem solving. But, there is no better learning when it comes to outdoor, physical play. There are so many levels of learning so lets look at how children learn while at the playground.


With playgrounds located outdoors in most cases it takes your child away from the distractions of TV and video games. The most important health habit of playing outdoors is movement. They are moving their bodies. They are flexing, bending, reaching and working their bodies for the benefit of overall health.

While playing at the playground is healthy on their bodies, it is as healthy on the mind. As they climb and join with other kids they are using instinct and strengthening social skills. They climb and judge distance as they decide to jump or slide down a play structure. They run and join other kids in games of hide n seek or other games they creatively make up to enjoy their time.

” I see leaders, advocates, creators…I see decisions being made..I see people working together and helping each other…we learn, we grow…we imagine together…”-the video above reminds us that not only are our children pushing their own limits in play they are building themselves up. It is in play that our children try and fail until they try and succeed. Our children can create a better tomorrow in their play today. So watch the video above, share it with families and think about all of this the next time you sit back and watch your children at the playground.

climb toy

We recently spent the day at a Boeing Museum near us and ended with lunch at the local sports complex. Here they have 2 play structures by Landscape Structures. Their play structures are located in parks and schools nationwide and are made for all ages and abilities. They combine plastics and metal to make the structures and your child provides the imagination and adventure.

What playground games are our favorite?

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