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House Hunting in Comfort – featuring Liverpool Jeans

Liverpool Jeans teamed up with Parenting Healthy and is featured in this story of mine

House Hunting in Comfort - featuring Liverpool Jeans

We have begun the house hunting process and about 60 miles from our current home. As soon as the school season ends in June we will close on our new home to move into in a new Region my husband will take over for his company. This weekend we found our home and in tow was our 9 year old son.

Comfort is important all the way around. As we move, sit in the car, explore a new town I will also be focusing on our son. It is a bittersweet move for him. We will be closer to our family-his older brother, aunts uncles and his 3 cousins he adores. However, he has a great circle of friends here he will be leaving and he is sad about that. This is a big first step and we want him involved every step of the way so we involved him in the house hunt in comfort. It started with many hours on the couch surfing listings before deciding we want a new build.

House Hunting in Comfort

While I worry about my sons emotional comfort, I remain comfortable in the outfit I picked out to get me through my day. I wanted to be decent as we met our Realtor, toured some builders homes in construction that will be ready in time for us but I knew we would be in a car a lot and we wanted to wander around and eat in our new town we will soon call home. So, I am wearing my Liverpool Jeans attire. Why? Because comfort is important as I said earlier… all levels of comfort.

home buying

Moving costs can add up and when you are raising boys with one in College not many funds are left for me to lavish. I want designer, but won’t allow my boys to go without so I can afford it. I want to look like a woman, not a ‘Mom of Boys’ all of the time. Liverpool Jeans is the quality and designer look I want and every pair of their jeans runs under $100.

son selfie

Not having to worry about your physical comfort while needing a certain look allows me more time to focus on Anthony. We took this selfie above from the front doors of his new school he will attend. We proceeded to check out the most important feature of his new school-the playground! Despite me being dressed for Realtors and house hunting I had a blast shooting some hops with him in his new school yard.

Liverpool behind

We found the house we liked and because many families also toured the same day we got territorial and immediately drew up an offer. Within hours we got the call that is is ours. My son, trying to listen to the phone call asks if we got that house? I turned to him in the car and gave him a thumbs up. Then I saw the best reaction I could see from him-he gave a fist pump and a “YES!”. It was important to include him in this day and in the end we are all happy with the house choice so off we went to celebrate with pizza and arcade games for dinner-he with a house with a park across the street and me in my Liverpool Jeans that went on a tremendous journey with us today.

What I am Wearing

Charlie Wide Cuff Capris

Denim Jacket Black Rinse


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I love a good pair of jeans! Haven’t heard of liverpool jeans before so will have to check them out and give them a try!

Claudia Krusch

House hunting can be so stressful. I love the look of these jeans. I will have to get a pair for myself.


Not heard of this brand before – they look great! Good luck with the house hunt too