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Hotel Transylvania 2 movie review

We saw the screening in exchange for this review. Opinions are 100% my own

We saw this today! My son has been waiting for this day since hearing there would be a second Hotel Transylvania. We have watched the first one a few times and with Halloween being my 7 year old’s favorite holiday, these movie subjects are his favorite.
About the movie

If you need a refresher about the movie plot, here is the trailer clip below. Such a fun plot!

Our Review

Hotel Transylvania 2 is where Vampire meets Santa Cruz. The Monsters turn soft as Mavis tries to hold back frustrations about here Dad insisting that her Little Dennis is a Vampire despite his human qualities. In the end the lesson learned is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a Vampire, Human or Unicorn, as long as you are happy and have each other!

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My Giveaway

I currently have a Hotel Transylvania Swag giveaway to get you in the #HotelT2 spirit! 
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