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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Prime Time Toys & Zing

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Since my brothers were young, air toys were always a hit for gifts. From dart guns to crossbows a boy can hardly make it through childhood without firing foam darts from a dart gun. In my neighborhood it’s the top toy I see played with outside.

Chances are you have a child who can use or has asked for air toys this season. They are so much better the the ones I remember as a kid. It sort of makes me want my own so I can join in on the play.

air toys firetek

The Firetek Crossbow from Zing is a blast and the teens will love it for their dart wars. This can be used day or night as it lights up. It includes ZONIC BLAZE whistling bows that will fly up to 145 feet.

crossbow air toys

The Dart Zone® BlitzFire Quick – Shot Blasters – 2 Pack is exclusive to Target, but other Prime Time dart toys can be found at other retailers. This set of blasters features include:

  • 2 Blitzfire Blasters
  • 2 Pop-Up Target Sights
  • Auto-Advance Rotating Cylinders
  • 12 Super Darts
  • Darts Fly up to 80 Feet!
  • Super Darts work with Dart Zone Blasters and Most Standard Blasters from Leading Brands

dart gun air toys

air toys gun

Keep these air toys brands in mind this season and they will be a hit for sure. Visit Zing and Prime Time Toys to learn more.


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