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Honeywell Turbo On the Go! Portable Fan

This is a promotional post for Honeywell. Opinions are my own

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So, I have this habit since I was a young girl-I cannot sleep without a fan on! It is the white noise more than the breeze. In fact, I do not even like the direct breeze so I turn it on and face it away from me. Growing up I had a personal fan by my bed and would run it every night until it died and my Mom would replace it. Now I have a larger tower fan as my husband has the same habit as me now. It is when I am traveling that I have the hardest time sleeping. If in a hotel room, I ca usually locate a room fan unit but if I am at a guest’s home or camping, I will lay away for hours listening to…nothing! That nothing is what actually keeps me awake. We bought a toy hauler this year and plan to do a lot of camping and I had the though cross my head more than once about how to locate a fa that is portable and powerful enough. Then I was sent the Honeywell Turbo On the Go! Portable Fan and that problem is now solved! I’ll just plug it into the USB port and sleep just fine now!
Honeywell Turbo On the Go! Portable Fan

  • 1-speed fan
  • Portable-carry, hang or table-top
  • USB- and battery-powered options
You can find this fan at Best Buy. It is the perfect summer companion as you travel!

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