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Honeywell Top Fill Console Humidifier helps keep humidity just right #Giveaway

Welcome to the Honeywell Humidifier Giveaway

Honeywell has been a great brand to work with and there are some great Bloggers who wanted to help promote this giveaway so be kind and play them a quick visit! Keep reading below to learn & enter to win!
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Perhaps you have not put much though to the humidity levels of your home or office. After all, we have so many gadgets meant for the home why would humidity need to become a concern? Actually, humidity can be the reason why you suffer from particular ailments and deciding to take steps to understand the effects of too low or too high of humidity may have you making some changes.

Effects of High Humidity

If humidity starts to creep above 50-60% the sweat on our body evaporates slower so it takes longer to cool down. In turn, the body sweats more to try and compensate for slower cooling creating a viscous cycle. Consuming water is highly recommended when we have this high humidity because we are losing more fluid. As for high humidity on our joints and muscles- our tendons, ligaments and muscles expand which benefits some parts of our body reacting to the humidity levels, but if you suffer from arthritis or joint conditions you will feel discomfort. Fungus and molds also thrive in high humidity so asthma and allergy patients suffer worse in these high levels. If you have an adult, elderly or child with breathing problems, knowing the humidity level in the atmosphere can make a difference in the effects they may experience.
Effects of Low Humidity

If humidity falls much under 35-40% then those with skin and sinus issues will feel the effects. Your skin, sinuses and eyes get dry and itchy. When there is long exposure to low humidity you can get inflammation around the mucus membranes that protect your respiratory system. When this happens it can make you more vulnerable to colds, flus and even pneumonia. Certain bacteria and viruses love low humidity so you can be more susceptible to infection. I have dry eyes naturally and I can tell when humidity os low as my eyes remain so dry and irritated.

Humidity Research

The designers of Honeywell Humidifiers and indoor air scientists have released new research on how everyday household objects suffer under low humidity conditions and what steps homeowners can take to combat the effects of dry air. The research conducted found that the following list of 10 household items are most impacted by low relative humidity:
1.     Wood Furniture: Has your favorite wooden bench seemed a little shakier? It could be because of low humidity. Wood absorbs and desorbs water as relative humidity rises and falls, which causes it to swell and shrink. This results in furniture joints becoming loose or even pulling apart.
2.     Musical Instruments: Not sounding quite right? Low humidity levels may be to blame for your instrument falling out of tune. Natural wood instruments such as guitars, violins and pianos can be damaged when the wood contracts resulting in failed glue joints or cracks.
3.     Books: Low humidity causes the pages of books to become more brittle and fragile, and the dimensions of the pages can even change as the paper absorbs and desorbs water. This leads to wrinkles in the paper, flaking ink, or warped covers on books.
4.     Woodwork and Wood Floors: If you’ve noticed a slight bend in your wood floors, or gaps between the planks, it could be because of low humidity. As the wood expands and contracts, mitered corners can separate and floors can “cup” so that the floor doesn’t remain flat.
5.     Wine: Does your uncorked bottle of wine not taste right? Wine corks can dry out, shrink and crack if exposed to low humidity overtime, allowing air to come into contact with the wine and potentially ruin the bottle.
6.     Artwork: Maintaining humidity levels is vital for protecting artwork around the home. Low moisture levels tend to make paint brittle and prone to cracking, which is especially detrimental to oil paintings on canvas.
7.     Stamp Collections: Much like books, repeated absorption and desorption of water can ruin stamps by making them brittle or discolored.
8.     Photograph Collections: Have you noticed your new photographs looking more like your parents’ photo albums? When photographs curl up at the ends, it’s likely due to low humidity levels. They can also result in the photo emulsion flaking off and damaging the photograph.
9.     Walls: Peeling wallpaper and separated drywall seams can be a sign of low humidity in the home. The porous materials may crack and separate when exposed to low levels.
10.  Electronic Equipment: Static electricity brought on by low humidity levels can damage internal components of computers, televisions and other electronics – a lot more damaging than dealing with static in your hair!
The Solution to maintain humidity in your home

Honeywell has a variety of humidifiers for your home or office of all sizes. From personal humidifiers to large multi-room humidifiers so you can bring those levels to normal and maintain them easily. The Top Fill Moisture Humidifier is a great solution to cover a large area in your home. It is top fill so it is easy to fill and clean. It has a high moisture output which will have you really feeling the difference in the air with skin and sinus health and even the plants in your home will appreciate it. 

I love how easy this is to use. I also love that it has an automatic humidistat that is adjustable so it turns itself on and off as needed to maintain air moisture. There are indicators that turn on when your optimal humidity level is reached and also when you need to refill. I can simply leave it alone and glance at it every so often to see if that refill light is on. If you have not used a humidifier before, you will love the difference in air quality you feel. 

Visit https://www.honeywellpluggedin.com/ and you will find humidifier options as well as air purifiers and room or personal fans for more room air quality improvements.

The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win a Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier. Enter below and ends on 12/23. Open to US.

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