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HoneyBaked Ham Stores vs Home Cooking for your Easter Meal & a Giveaway

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Honey Baked Ham

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Are you in charge of Easter Dinner this year? If you are and the idea of spending less time socializing with your family so you can stand in the kitchen leaves you feeling isolated, there is a solution! Let the Ham experts at HoneyBaked take care of the food so you can catch up on all of the family gossip! You know there will be gossip to be heard! Get up long enough to throw some sides in the oven and heat up the ham for about 10 minutes, then when no one is looking you can always spoon them into your own bowls as if you slaved over the dinner all day! Honey Baked won’t mind you soaking up some of the glory, but they will taste this ham with all of its mouth-watering sweet, crunchy glaze and insist there is no way a glaze could be that perfected by anyone! At that point, you may have to blow your cover-just a warning!
My husband, son and I took ourselves to Bellevue, Wa HoneyBaked Ham Store and was treated to awesome Customer Service as we learned about the meats and glazes and what types and sizes would be best for our needs. I need to mention that Honey Baked has sweet glazed bacon-seriously!! I am not joking. This bacon is flavored with the same glaze as the Ham. We bough a few!  I took advantage of the Buy More/Save More side dish sale and grabbed up 3 sides for only $19.99. We were told the sides will realistically serve up to 5 people. What sides did I choose? Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole (duh!) and the Spinach Artichoke Dip. For dessert-Pecan Pie! What did we think of them? I am such a horrible cook! My potatoes never come out that good! The Pecan Pie was dangerous (that is a compliment)!
What can I get at HoneyBaked Stores for Easter Dinner?
  • Hams ( I know-right? Go figure!)
  • Turkey & Beef (for the very odd folks who claim they don’t like Ham)
  • Sides: Green Bean Casserole, Cornbread Dressing, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Potatoes Au Gratin, Sweet Potato Souffle and more!
  • Salads: Pasta, Potato, Cole Slaw & Baked Beans
  • Desserts: Pecan Pie (OMG…just…OMG!), Cheesecakes, Rum Cake, Carrot Cake & more
  • Condiments: Mustards, Sauces and more
Heat & Share Side Pricing

Buy More & Save More with the Heat & Share sides for your Easter dinner
1 Heat & Share Sides  –  $7.99
2 Heat & Share Sides  –  $13.99
3 Heat & Share Sides  –  $19.99
4 Heat & Share Sides  –  $25.99
   *$6 for each additional Heat & Share Side
HoneyBaked vs. Home Cooked

  • Home Cooked is time consuming-you will be so stressed & tired by dinner you’ll do the typical sit down and hardly eat because you are just tired by then
  • Home Cooked isolates you from the rest of the family-now you’ll never know why Cousin Joey’s Girlfriends Mom has been calling her Aunts Boyfriend and stirring the pot lately. This has been such a traumatic event on some of the family and how are you to lend the needed support and sympathy from inside the kitchen?
  • Home Cooked does not produce the sweet crunchy glaze that makes you want to spoon it all up, put in in a bowl & heat it up later for that insane late night craving of unbelievable deliciousness! 
  • Home Cooked will inevitably cost as much if not more because once you take on Grandma’s green bean casserole recipe, you are expected to add all of the zany extra ingredients that makes it Grandma’s casserole-the family WILL be expecting it!
Save time, catch up on the family gossip. HoneyBaked Ham Stores has dinner done for you. So just sit back, pretend you are interested in all of that family gossip (don’t forget to at least nod and smile every once in a while to appear you are truly engaged) and think about how you will never slave over the kitchen again on Easter because HoneyBaked just produced a winner dinner! Yes-I said Winner Dinner!
The Giveaway: 2 people will win a $50 HoneyBaked Ham Gift Card. Ends 4/13.
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Disclosure: I was provided credit and compensation from Honey Baked for this post. All opinions are 100% my own

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