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Homesick Soy Candles That Remind You Of Home

Homesick Soy Candles That Remind You Of Home

In the summer of 1992 I was told we were moving from Northern California Bay Area to Washington State. In 1992 we had no cell phones or Facebook so the thought of moving the summer before Sophomore year in high school was devastating to me. I would leave my good friends I have been in school with 9+ years and would have to be the new kid in a strange high school. I also would be moving away from my cousins who were always a bike ride away. I was angry and so was my cousin 6 months older than me. We were best friends and so we hopped on our bikes in the heat of summer and attempted to run away. That did not work. We made it to the next town over and the heat and exhaustion hit us and my Mom came to pick us up.

I started my new school as a 10th grader anyhow and I still have some of those first friends in my life today. In fact 4 of us that became friends my first year in the town all became pregnant with in the same year 2006/2007 and all four of us had boys. Our boys are also friends today at 9 and 10 years old. So, it worked out and I have been back many times over the years to visit my cousins. It is always sweet to remember my birth place and first home and now that I have my Homesick candle, the scent takes me right back.

Homesick soy candles are naturally made with cotton wicks. Their custom scents bring your home state fragrances together in one candle. My No. Cal candle has the aroma of bold wines and redwood forests. There is a very light hint of pears, apples, cloves, and cinnamon with a nice touch of sweet vanilla. It is amazing how one sniff of my candle truly triggered what I would relate to as my state and the hot summer days and spring  and fall air.

What is your home state? Don’t burn candles but still want the memory? Try ordering their fragrance oils by state or gifts by state such as logo tees, cutting boards and more. If you need a gift idea for someone who calls another place home I cannot think of a perfect gift than the shop at Homesick. Just shop by state and see all of the choices.

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