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Homemade Gifts from Matthews 1812 House

I was provided samples for feature
Some of my favorite gifts to give for any occasion year round are homemade gifts. From DIY jars to baking and packaging cookies. At this point of my life, time is thin as a working Mom and finding gifts that are homemade and prepackaged have become what I look for. These gifts are the next best thing to my own gift making because they are homemade but by someone else. The Matthews 1812 House food gifts are a US family-owned company who’s products are homemade and have been offering delicious selections since 1979. From the Farm to your home, these gifts have been ordered from all over the country to give as gifts.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to try a few selections-the Molasses Cookies and Parmesan Cheese Savories. I could not hide these from everyone I know so I plated them and brought them to my work Christmas party. I work at our local High School and knew the gals I was having my party with would enjoy these. The leftovers were handed to the special needs teacher on the last day before winter break to take back to her group of students to enjoy. So many people enjoyed these treats from only two cartons of product. 
There are so many selections at Matthews 1812 House from candies to cookies and other gift packages. Choosing the right product for your occasion is so easy as you can shop by product, price or flavors from within their site. These molasses cookies I have above are better than homemade. I have never tried such a perfect molasses cookie that was just the right amount of soft and chewy!
Head over to Matthews 1812 House and see these delicious choices and have them on hand for your upcoming get together!
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