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Home: Spring Clean from The Floors UP at Zazzle

Spring is here and this is such a great time to sort through the home and make some changes. Making changes to your home does not have to require drastic measures or enormous amounts of money to change the look of a room or space. Sometimes just adding new colors or changing a theme can make a huge difference. You can take the old look, resell on sites and local groups and use that money to fund a new theme. There are also retailers in store and online who may offer spring home sales to help you add new pieces. has many home products from pillows to floor mats that can help you achieve a fresh look.
I had the opportunity to shop around Zazzle and decided to start from the ground level in my home. By ground level, I mean my floors. I had bought a new shower curtain a while back and I still had my older bath mat that was not the best match and the door mat at our front door has faded and lost its luster. Also, while there I picked up some kitchen labels for my SIL as I will see her on Easter and she is best known for baking delicious treats to hand out in containers to family. I saw these labels she can use to personalize her gifts and had to grab her some.
I am in love with my door mat. This is the Rustic Country Chic Mason Jar Wood Grain Door Mat in 18″ x 24″ size. It is not a wood grain construction as the title is written-it is a smooth fleece with a non-slip rubber bottom. I have this at my front door under the covered porch. You can use this indoors or outdoors under a covered surface. 

I chose this Chevron Dull Silver Bath Mat for my master bathroom shower in front of my newer shower curtain. I love the grey colors and this mat has a soft cushion. The size you see in front of my shower is the small and you can upgrade to a medium and large size too as well. 
These are the Custom Square Stickers I ordered for my SIL to put on her goodies when she bakes. These are the 1.5″ squares and you can upsize to 3″, but since these will go on food containers I stuck with the smaller square. There are so many different styles. I loved the colors in this design. 
Visit Zazzle to learn more and find your spring cleaning fresh looks!
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