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Home safety with Master Lock

This is a promotional post. I was sent product.

I am a busy Mom and Wife. My husband travels a lot for work and that leaves me home alone a few times a year. When my husband got his promotion we moved 80 miles away to a new area. Within a few months of being here and on a night he was out of town we had some neighborhood drama occur and it was then he insisted I keep a gun in the house. It actually did not take convincing me as I am used to and know how to handle a gun, but we had not had guns in the home as parents. However, I feel most secure being armed and I will do what it takes to protect my family, but can only do so much unarmed. We decided on the right guns, got our permits and bought a membership to the gun range so we can safely get used to them and practice handling and firing at their location. Not even our 17 year old knows the combination to the gun safe! I trust no one but my husband and I with that code! And the 7 year old has no idea we own guns and cannot get into the safe if he were to even find it.
Despite me being gun protected in this home, we also invested in the Home Security system from our local provider. We have cameras that keep an eye on the yard, motion and sound alerts and our entryways are secure, protecting me and my family on the inside. I have a gun safe, a gun lock and door security bars and they are all MasterLock branded because I trust them most.
The Master Lock 107DSPT Gun Lock can only be opened and closed when the key is inserted and turned for added security measures with a deadbolt locking mechanism. The cable lock and steel padlock have different keys to make access more difficult. It is not a one key opens all system. 

To prevent me from even having to be in a position to need to access a weapon, we make sure the home is safe from the outside in. With a security system that chimes with the opening of every access door in the house, we still use use the Master Lock 265DCCSEN Door Security Bar to resist forced entry through our slider. I love how there are staggered notches in the adjust bar so you get just the right fit. The grip is padded on both ends so it does not scratch the door or frame.

Sadly, we feel more vulnerable than ever with all the chaos that seems to exist these days and I will stay protected my way for my family. Master Lock has become a part of that security I now feel. Give the gift of protection this season with great locking and security items from MasterLock.
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