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Holiday shopping safety tips & the ELPH Safety ID band

This is a promotional post for ELPH and educational editorial from Parenting Healthy

‘Tis the season for shopping, coffee runs, gift wrapping…and thieves or criminals! From leaving our house unattended to go shopping, parking in a parking garage and carrying bags and purses around publicly, we are walking targets to thieves and the kids coming with us add another element of safety we need to consider in crowds and parking lots. Arming yourself with safety tips and precautions as well as an ELPH band for your child incase the inevitable happens and they become separated from you will help you shop safely this season.
Holiday Shopping Safety Tips
  • Leaving home: remember to lock your doors and close blinds. Don’t give burglars a glimpse of what you have inside. Always leave a porch and inside light on each level of your home. If you are alerted to break ins in your area, I would even suggest leaving a TV or radio on a bit loud. If you can keep your animals inside who like to bark for protection, I would.
  • Parking: We get in hurry mode as soon as we hit that lot and finding a parking space can be a huge chore. Make sure you find a visible spot toward the public in a well-lit area. Consider when you will be returning to your car and if that may be after dark, park near a light pole that will be illuminated when dusk hits.
  • Pre-talk to your kids! I do this every time I take my 6 year old in public. I remind him to stay close. If he cannot see me, I cannot see him is what I tell him. I explain he can only speak to a worker or another Mom with kids if he gets lost. If in a mall, he is instructed to never leave if he is lost, he can go to a cashier only and alert them to page me. I remind him to NEVER return to the car without me. If you do not give them these options ahead of time, they may panic and make irrational decisions when they get scared or separated.
  • Carry protection-depending on your surrounding, purchasing mace or a personal alarm is a great idea. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged for the day, your family knows your route and plans in case some time passes and you have not returned and arm your kids with an ID band such as the ELPH band.

The ELPH band is a fun and comfortable safety ID band your kids will want to wear. The band contains a scan bar. When your child finds a ‘safe’ helper, they can show then their ELPH band and that adult can scan the band or read the info and call your number. The most simple form of child ID without their personal information written on the outside for all to see. 
Activating your ELPH band is so easy and in seconds it is ready to be worn by your child and keeping them protected. Whether traveling, shopping, riding the bus for the first time or heading out with family members not used to having an eye on kids can be times that arming them with the ELPH band will bring them and you a piece of mind.

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