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Holiday Gift Ideas for Downton Abbey Fans

This is a promotional post. I was sent a book copy

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If you are like my parents, you have not missed an episode of Downton Abbey. My parents are not the biggest fans of any show and so when I heard them say one night that Downton Abbey is starting soon as if they may be disappointed to miss it I was a bit surprised. They are following a current show! I had not heard of it and my Mom was so confused as to how I have not. They love the show and I had to get this book for them.
The Wit and Wisdom of Downton Abbey is such a unique TV book. I have seen fun coffee table books with snapshots of filming in shows or books written to be more like a documentary or facts of a show. I have not come across such a witty book where they take phrases and script from the show and use them as a quote book divided into relevant sections. The show quotes are divided up into 5 chapters: Life, Love & Family, Work, Play and Downton Abbey.

The Wit & Wisdom of Downton Abbey is sure to be a hit with Downton Abbey fan so learn more and grab your copy by St Martin’s Press at your favorite bookstore.
Here is your ultimate guide to the show from season 1-6 in the palm of your hand! The pictures and quotes are large and stunning and the guide will have you just as intrigued as you were watching the show. Want a sneak peak into Season 6? It’s in here! 
Downton Abbey: A Celebration is the newest release of the book and will be a great gift for any fan!
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