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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Zazoo Photo Clock Review

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Zazoo Photo Clock 

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I was recently sent the Zazoo Photo Clock for review for my son’s new bedroom. We just moved and having a nightlight is his comfort tool for our new house. At the same time, he just entered Kindergarten so we have begun learning to tell time. I love that this clock makes Time fun!

The light it gives out is just enough and gentle. We have loaded songs to add to the ones that come preloaded so I don’t even need to use the CD player as much. He is alerted when it is not wake-up time yet. I have it set so the ‘Sun’ displays at a time that is OK for him to get up. If he wakes up and sees the ‘Moon’-he needs to stay in bed. This is truly an all-inclusive clock that every toddler and kid should have. It eliminates the need for photos frames, music players and nails in the wall from hanging clocks. It is thin and durable. The features are plentiful  and the instructions were easy to follow. The best way for the music download I found was, take music from your device or computer and transfer it to a flash drive that you can leave stuck in the clock. Pictures were super easy to load and you control when and how the photos are displayed. My son got the Yellow Fish design, but there are several to choose from.

Zazoo Photo Clock Features
  • Audio Alarm: Can wake to Beeping, Ringing or Music. Take your favorite song while playing and with a click on the remote you can set it as the Alarm song
  • Display Options: Can set Time only or Time & Date
  • Digital Photo Frame: You can upload, rotate and view downloaded photos easily.
  • Specs: 7 inch TFT LCD screen, File formats of jpeg or BMP, 480×234 resolution, High speed 2.0 USB jack & supports SD cards and Memory Sticks
  • Multi-Media: comes with 11 children songs already built in, can load own music or audiobooks to be played through the built-in speaker or plug in some headphones & control the volume on the unit or from the remote
  • Customize: load your child’s photos or even make it more personal by loading their name to display
To learn more and find out how you can order the Zazoo Photo Clock for the child in your life, visit
Disclaimer: I was provided the above product for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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