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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Flashlight Friends Review

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I was recently sent the Flashlight Friends Dragon for review. I have a son that has the wildest imagination at bedtime. He really is into dreams and I always find his weapons stuffed down his pants because he says he needs them so he will have them in his dreams when he fights bad guys. He is not terrified nor does he have bad dreams, he actually hopes to dream that he is a superhero fighting monsters, but then he always needs a light on of some sorts because he says it helps him know he is awake and not still dreaming when he opens his eyes. He is an odd one…no doubt he is MY son! These are perfect. He sleeps with him every night! He is actually quite cuddly despite a light in the center. It is very well designed that he does not complain a bit and hugs it and drags it all over and no tears or even a sign of damage. It is very durable and well made. As it claims, the light does not get hot at all which was what I tested first.

About Flashlight Friends
  • The LED light lasts for hundreds of hours & does not get hot
  • Choose from Unicorn, Turtle, Penguin, Panda, Puppy and Dragon
  • Great in the car at night!
  • Auto light shut off after 10 minutes
  • Safe for all ages
To learn more and see how you can order or purchase Flashlight Friends from a nearby retailer, visit
Disclaimer: I was provided the above product for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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