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Hold up, Partner – The Dinos’ are in town! Fun with Playmobil Playsets

Fun with Playmobil Playsets

My nephew is 5 and into dinosaurs by far! He knows their names, habits and other fun facts. I think you have not been a child if you have not obsessed over something and in my house of boys it is either cars or dinosaurs it seems. When I was younger it was Cowboys and Indians for my brothers. Playmobil has packaged these familiar playsets into cases so your child can use his or her imagination anywhere they go.

The Playmobil Take Along Western City is an entire town kept inside a bank and Sheriff’s office. It comes with five figures, one horse, safe, desk, table, cabinet, cactus, money bags, bank notes, WANTED poster, handcuffs, and many other accessories.

The Dino Explorer Carry Case is more compact but full of fun as well. It comes with two figures, two dinosaurs, net cannon, rock wall, and other accessories.

Both sets have interactive pieces such as maps and lids to prison walls that break loose. Find Playmobil playsets at retailers near you and stimulate those imaginations!

Comment: Samples were sent for feature. Opinions are my own

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Norma Nikutowski

These toys look like a lot of fun. My favorite is the Dino Explorer Carry Case. It’s great when traveling so that kids can keep their toys all together and play in different places.


This looks like such a fun toy! My kids would LOVE it!

Melissa L Cushing

I am loving these sets! I love Playmobil and their toys are well made. My niece would love these…she loves dinos! Great Christmas gift idea and will make sure to get this for her.

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