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High School Junior College Prep: PSAT, SAT & ACT Testing

Read my post: Choosing a College next.
We have a son in his Junior year of High School is who is determined to head to a College or University after High School for a Criminal Justice degree. I attended college and have an AA&S degree, but that was a long time ago and because the education system is so online-oriented, things have changed. I have spent countless hours pouring over sites and emailing for answers and I am taking my knowledge and simplifying it in a few posts.
This segment is all about testing. Stay tuned for similar posts about Financial Aid, Admissions and Choosing a College. Posts will go live every week in October.

For Sophomore and Juniors
Testing dates are in the Fall on a particular date (usually October)
You must ask school or testing facility earliest registration date or spots can fill up
Typically about $14 
2 Hours and 10 Minutes long
Tests Critical Reading, Math & Writing Skills
Is a practice for SAT AND qualifies student for many scholarsips

For Senior Fall Year (some also take it in Spring as a Junior for practice then again as a Senior)
Testing dates vary, so check with your school or the College Board website link below
Must pre-register
Typically costs $50-$85
3 Hour test
Tests Verbal & Math reasoning skills with a new writing section
Is used to measure students knowledge for college admission, class placement and advise students for course selections

For Senior Fall Year or Junior Spring. You can take multiple times and send your best score
Testing dates are year round
Must pre-register
Typically costs $38-$55 depending on if you choose to take the writing portion also
2 Hours 55 Minutes
Tests English, Math, Reading, Science and an optional Writing
It is recommended for all 4-year bound students. It makes you a bit more visible to colleges and opens up more scholarship opportunities
More Information at:
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