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High Protein Food Choices to Power Through Your Day #TheDayIsYours

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I am a Premier Protein Ambassador. Opinions are my own and compensation for my stories was given

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The last time I shared some protein tips I talked about the right times to consume protein in your day. Now, as a proud ambassador for Premier Protein I want to discuss high protein food choices for you. These foods are packed with natural protein, not fillers so you can get through your day.

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The obvious to start with are protein shakes and bars. Having these available in your fridge and cupboard make taking protein on the go so easy. I have been sticking to my goal of having a protein bar as my midday snack so if I know I will be out all day I put a bar in my purse. This helps me avoid a snack stop where I’m bound to by a muffin at a coffee shop or less healthy snack at a convenience store.

My absolute favorites are the Caramel Premier Protein shake and the Double Chocolate Crunch or Salted Caramel Premier Protein bar. Why do they make a great choice? These bars pack in 30g of protein with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.


Admit it! You have a large jug of protein powder and are not using it, aren’t you? Do you not like to blend your own powder or does it feel like a chore to make your protein shakes like this? Try using up your powder as substitutes in recipes. I make a yummy protein icing with protein powder. You can shorten the amount of flour and add protein powder in cakes, pancakes, waffles and more.

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There is protein beyond convenient bars and shakes. The best foods to put in your grocery cart on your next store run include eggs, oats, almonds, chicken (breast), greek yogurt, tuna, pumpkin seeds, peanuts to name a few. Some of these work great as snacks or to turn into meals. Try an egg salad sandwich on protein-rich bread like Ezekiel Bread. Try a chicken salad with homemade dressing and sliced almonds. However you like to enjoy these foods, remember that your body needs protein and more than ever if you are active and on-the-go. Visit Premier Protein to find more great products as well as discussions and education about protein.


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