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Hey LEGO Fans, Want to Save on Lego favorites?

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If you have not signed up (for free, of course) at Zulily yet then you are missing some awesome deals!
Save up to 50% off popular Lego items at Zulily!
Here a few on my son’s wish list…
Black Lego Ninjago Tee for only $9.99

Lego Star Wars Brickmaster-the set is only $17.99
Lego Storage Cases are only $23.99

Lego Playmat Zipbins (my favorite) are only $16.99

Lego Project Cases are only $7.99
New Zulily subscribers save 10% on their new orders! Go check out many more Lego items as well as other popular quality Baby and family stores at Zulily Daels!

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