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Here’s What You Can Do To Take Great Photos Of Your Child

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Taking pictures has gotten easier over the years, and with a touch of your smartphone screen, you can capture moments with your loved ones in an instant. In 2017 alone, a staggering 1.3 trillion pictures were taken all over the world, and 85% of the pictures were snapped via smartphone. But even if you have the best gadget in your hand, there’s nothing like trying to take a photo of an active or strong-willed child to make you doubt your equipment or your photography skills. If you’re a parent, you probably have been taking lots of pictures of your wriggly, squirmy little one just to get that one perfect shot. Fear not, with a few tricks, you can get your son or daughter to pose for photos, minus the tears and tantrums. 

It’s all about the setting

Forget about doing a photo shoot in a studio – your child may want to bolt if you force him or her to sit still for a head shot. To get the best, most natural shots, try taking pics of your little one in an environment where he or she is most comfortable. For instance, if you have a garden and they love being out there, then bring your child outdoors and let them frolic among the flowers. Taking pictures of your kid in nature yields stunning results, and as noted by, nature-themed photos are not only perfect for Instagram posts, but they also work extremely well as wall art in your home. Don’t fuss if your child gets a bit dirty during your photo session, that only adds to the charm and authenticity of your photographs.

Allow them to be themselves

If your child is more into comfy t-shirts and shorts than formal wear, then don’t force them to wear a fancy frock or a tiny tux for posterity’s sake. Allowing them to wear the clothes that they’re comfortable in will result in a relaxed and happy photo session, so let them pick out what they want to wear for your shoot. Give them free rein over their outfit choices – you might be pleasantly surprised by the quirky combinations that they come up with. 

The right props can help

Fun props can go a long way when you’re trying to capture a moment in time. Bubble wands, food, or a favorite toy are all good props to have on hand during a photo session with your little one. If you have an oversized plush toy, bring it out – think about how cute your child will look sitting next to a giant teddy bear. You may also want to consider having your family pet in the shots as you take great photos. Kids and pets are always a good combination, and it’s guaranteed that they’ll look adorable together.

Always keep in mind that a happy child is a more cooperative child, and the happier your kid is, the better and more natural your pictures will be. Try these tips and see what kind of pictures you’ll get, you may just get that one shot that will be an instant favorite for years to come. 

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