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Help you child find their passion for free with Thrively

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It’s FREE and your child can discover their strengths! This will encourage them to find their passion and help you as a parent guide them and offer them the avenues to use their passion and creativity to become independent and successful! 
There is nothing to lose and your child will enjoy seeing their results!
How does it work?

Thrively assesses 23 different strength areas and it is developed with the assist of 2 California seven-board certified neuropsychologists. As your children grow, Thrively grows with them. 
You sign in, go to parent dashboard and set up quick profiles of each child-FREE! Click on ‘Begin the strength exploration’ and have your child answer-FREE! They can complete it at their own pace. At the end, you will have a complete profile you can save for that child.
We did one for my son. We were able to dismiss any profile mentions he did not feel were a fit. I feel they were all a fit, but he just was not inclined to warm up to some or relate to those just yet. As you personalize your profile, Thrively gets to know you even better!
You can encourage your friends to do the profile and connect with them safely. There are some great videos and your child can share and see what friends are exploring. It is a little world of confidence they enter and they will love watching engaging videos that match their profiles.
Now what?

What did your child’s profile highlight? You can now find camps and programs in your area to foster their strengths. Summer is coming and this is a great way to find programs for them to keep learning and empower their inner passion-FREE!

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