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Heartfelt Books is the Perfect Gift for the Hard -To-Shop For

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I was recently asked to create a Heartfelt Book for review and made my husband a “Just Because” book. He was recently promoted which prompted a move for us and I was able to quit my full time job and become a Stay at Home Mom and in all the changes this past year, I had not stopped to pay him much attention. This personalized book was the perfect gift and he loved it!

It combines personalization and stories in a way different than the photo books that take hours to create. I have done photo books and am glad I have them, but it took me a lot of frustration and time to create online. With Heartfelt Books, you are prompted questions. You choose 17 pages worth with only our own answers. It is printed and mailed to you or receiver of choice!

How do you create a Heartfelt Book?
  • Go to and click on the Get Started Button
  • Fill in a details page about you and the receiver
  • Search through question prompts-answer the ones you want and click Save after you answer each one.
  • There are Blank Pages available: copy your vows or as I did, you can copy lyrics to your song, etc…
  • Choose a design and font
  • Order your book to be printed and mailed. Mine was printed and shipped fast!
Heartfelt books are the perfect gift for anyone…memories for a friend, Grandparents and Grandkid gifts they will keep forever. Tell your spouse you still love them through all the day to day grind if it has been a while and you can even send to a service family member!
My husband now has a book with some silly responses, some romantic ones and 3 Blank Pages I chose with a paragraph of words from me, lyrics to our Wedding Song and the lyrics to a song that meant a lot to us (and still does) when we first started dating.
To create your Heartfelt Book, visit their Website and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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