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Healthy Snacks for Parents On-The-Go

Parents want to have healthy kids. Many watch what they eat and try their best to prepare balanced meals and healthy snacks. Often, due to the many demands for their time and attention, parents forget that they too should be eating right and having regular meals on time. They should remember that they need nourishment and must remain healthy to look after their young kids.

Healthy Snacks for Parents On-The-Go
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How many times have you run to the nearest vending machine for a drink and perhaps a sandwich to stave off your hunger? Do you remember the last time you made a trip to a drive-through because you forgot to have lunch? Here’s a quick tip to harried parents. Do not put off eating for too long as this results in your overeating or munching on unhealthy foods laden with cholesterol and sugar.

Proper eating and snacking

Even if you are busy, keep in mind that your body needs nourishment to keep you going. If it is not possible based on your hectic schedule to keep to three full meals a day, try to have something, perhaps a healthy snack every two to four hours a day. You would not feel hungry if you have healthy snacks of about 150 or less calories per serving. There is also no danger of increasing the size of your waistline with something like this.

Here are some ideas on satisfying and healthy snacks that you can keep in your desk, car or bag. You won’t feel guilty about eating them and you’ll be able to sustain your energy throughout the day. Also, because you are less hungry, you’ll tend to eat less.


Put some of your favorite morning cereals into small individual servings in zip-lock bags. Cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals as well as essential nutrients. Buy those that are made from whole grains, high in fiber and low in added sugar. Add some crunchy nuts and dried fruits and you’ll have a stand-alone healthy snack that will sate your hunger throughout the day. You can easily stack some of them in your office drawer, your kitchen drawer, in your car and in your bag, within easy reach when you do not have time to prepare something better.

Soy Crisps

Rather than have tortilla or potato chips, switch to soy crisps, which are much healthier. Each 140-calorie serving has about 10 grams of soy protein that’s much healthier than other packaged snacks. It also has only about 2 grams of fat. Therefore, even if you’re eating more, the fat content is considerably less than other chips.

Yogurt Smoothies

So many yogurt products are coming out in the market. There are some that come in small containers that are easy to carry inside your bag. There are also single-serve bottles that you can store in the office fridge. A serving will provide you with zero fat and just about 100 calories but you’ll feel full and refreshed.


What could be more perfectly healthy snack treats than fruits? You get them fresh, needs very little preparation and most do not need refrigeration. You get nutrients, vitamins, minerals as well as natural sugar and fiber. You can slice big fruits into bite-size pieces and place them in spill-proof containers. If you want something cool, you can freeze grapes. They will thaw out slowly so you’ll have something cool and fresh to munch on.


Pretzels are often baked and are made with flour enriched with nutrients. There are also some gluten-free pretzels made from rice and corn. It is very easy to pack them in smaller bags so you can limit your consumption. You’ll be able to enjoy a salty, crunchy and filling snack without worries.

There are several healthy food items, most of them not needing refrigeration that you can eat as nutritious snacks. They are very easy to get, requires almost no prior preparation and very portable. Rather than binge on super greasy burgers and other quick-serve foods, enjoy the healthy goodness of these snacks for a healthier you.

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