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Healthy Snacks from Enlightened Products

I have partnered with Enlightened for this feature. I was sent a sample package

Healthy Snacks from Enlightened Products

Healthy Snacks from Enlightened Products

Snacking is an enjoyable activity, yet so many of our favorite snacks bring more guilt than joy. When you reach for a snack you tend to have a taste for something already. Perhaps you are craving salty or spicy and most of us crave sweet. I will share some healthy snacks from Enlightened products that will help that guilty factor.

Enlightened Roasted Broad Bean Crisps

These little crisps are packed with fiber and protein. They are roasted in sunflower oil and come in seasoned flavors – Sea Salt, Wasabi, Garlic and Onion, Sriracha, Mesquite BBQ, Cocoa Dusted and Sweet Cinnamon. These are great over desserts or in salads. Or if you need something crunchy and salty to snack on, they are great out of the bag. They are also gluten free. Learn more!

bean crisps

Enlightened Marshmallow Treats

4 flavors – Original, Double Chocolate, Birthday Cake and Apple Cinnamon. These are the flavors of these crispy Enlightened Marshmallow Treats. Less calories, fat and sugar than other brands makes these a great snack.

healthy marsmallow

I have a box I will hand out on our soccer game snack day in a few weeks. They are large in size so really fill up a starving child (or adult).

birthday cake treat 

Besides Bean Crisps and Marshmallow Treats, Enlightened is also known for it’s better-for-you Ice Cream. So, keep an eye out at grocers near you and eat with a little less guilt with these healthy snacks from Enlightened Products.

marshmallow treats

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Just tried your broad bean snack.
I work 10 hour shifts shifts. With only 2 breaks. This snack will be awesome.