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New Healthy Snack Chips from Garden of Eatin’

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Organic Chips

Anthony and I are excited to share the newest healthy snack chips flavors from Garden of Eatin’ These corn tortilla chips are now available in Nacho and Ranch. These are in addition to the other 15+ flavors of chips. Garden of Eatin’ snacks are made with natural and organic ingredients. They are USDA Organic and have 25% less fat than the leading conventional competitor*.

healthy snack chips

Garden of Eatin’ Nacho tortilla chips are contain farmhouse cheddar and paprika. The bold taste gives you an added seasoning with every bite. The Ranch flavor has hints of buttermilk, garlic, and onion. My son named the Ranch as his favorite.

Look for these Garden of Eatin’ flavors and many other healthy snack chips varieties in the chip aisle. Visit Garden of Eatin’ website for more information and promotions.

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