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Healthy Munchy and Nickelodeon themed snacks

This is a promotional post. I was sent samples for an honest review.

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I pack my son’s lunch. He is in the second grade and prefers that I make his lunch. My constant problem is finding enough healthy snacks that I can rotate into his lunches. They get bored eating the same thing everyday and I like to keep several snacks on hand and switch it up for him. When it comes to fruit I like to try to serve to him several different ways from a banana to fruit coups, organic fruit leathers and dried fruit. I can tell you that the dried fruit comes back home unopened-he doesn’t even give it a chance. 

Then one day Healthy Munchy asks if they can send some bags of Nickelodeon themed crispies (dried fruit). I wondered if they would get opened when fun characters are on the package. Within an hour of them arriving all 3 flavors had been opened and he tried them all. He first tried the apples and said ‘Ewwe! then he finished chewing it and said “actually these really aren’t bad.” He tried banana next and loved those and the pineapple went over well too. I asked if I should get rid of any and said not to-that he’ll take any of them in his lunches. Success!
 I love that he enjoys these snacks even if it took Sponge Bob on the bag for him to give them a chance. These fruit crispies from Healthy Munchy are 100% fruit and low in calories. They are freeze dried in a way that the moisture is removed but all nutrients remain. The Fuji apples crispies alone yield about 2.2 whole apples in each bag. There are no additives or preservatives and have a decent dose of fiber. 
Learn more about all available healthy snacks at and

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