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Healthy Meal Snacks from Farmers Pantry

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Farmer’s Pantry just debuted a new Meal Snack from the best of ingredients such as you would find in your Farmer’s pantry. Meal Snacks come in Mesquite BBQ Beef, Flame Grilled Chicken, Garden Harvest Chicken and Herb Roasted Turkey. These snacks are like a meal- real meat and vegetables in a crunchy on-the-go snack.


The unique Farmer‘s Pantry cooking process is all about preserving nutrients and flavor.  The recipes start with ingredients sourced from family farms across America. The snacks are seasoned, with a slow-roast for the meat and vegetables; then, they are gently blended over low heat. Finally, before all the goodness has a chance to escape, they immediately seal it in the dual-pouch package until you tear it open and enjoy.

meal snack

Farmer Pantry creates hearty, tasty American snacks from freshly grown vegetables sourced on local American farms. My son has attacked the Honey Butter. They really taste like you are snacking on a crisp piece of cornbread.

corn snacks

Cornbread Crisps come in 2 flavors-original, honey butter and jalapeno. They are made from real corn and baked, not fried. There are 2 sizes- 2oz and 6oz packages that I only hope I will see in retailers very soon. Right now, you can find them at the Farmer’s Pantry website.

cornbread snacks

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