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Clif Bars Interview

I asked Clif RD: Tara Dellolcono a few simple questions on behalf of all sports Mom and Dad’s about athletic children and the necessary water and nutrition intake they require.
1. What is the key ingredient and its function in kids that I should know about with the CLIF Kid ZBars?

Cliff Kid ZBar is not about a single ingredient. It is a recipe that benefits from the sum of its parts. Clif Kid ZBar is made with organic ingredients that deliver a nutritious blend of carbs, fat, fiber, and protein to help provide kids with the energy they need to keep playing whether at the  park, a soccer game, or school. It is also a source of vitamins and minerals that kids are sometimes challenged to eat enough of.

2.  When is the best time to offer a child’s bar such as the CLIF Kid ZBars on game or practice day-before or after exercise assuming they’ve had or will have eaten all meals for the day?

If it has been a while since their last meal, Clif Kid ZBAR is a good snack to help top off their energy that they burn during the game. It can also be eaten after a game or practice to help bridge hunger to meal time. 
  1. Can a child consume too much protein? Is there times when a kids health bar is not necessary or very necessary?
Yes, kids can consume too much protein. USDA survey data tells us that kids are actually eating plenty of protein. Helping kids get enough protein is not the purpose of Clif Kid ZBAR protein. The purpose of our Clif Kid ZBar Protein Bar is to help parents spread their child’s protein intake out throughout the day and help ward off feelings of hunger and slow down the delivery of carbohydrate for a more sustained energy.
  1. Sometimes it is hard to get my son to drink water even on game day. What are some good alternatives to water while on game or practice days?  
When it is hot and kids are sweating a ton water alone isn’t the best option for hydration. Sports drinks like our CLIF Hydration Electrolyte Drink Mix contains sodium and carbohydrate to help facilitate absorption of fluid which has been shown to hydrate athletes better than water alone. However, with kids, I would be cautious of offering sports drinks when they are not needed. Playing sports for less than an hour in cooler temps and water will serve them just fine.
If water is the answer and your son resists you can try flavored carbonated waters, diluted juice, and eating fruit with high water concentration (oranges, melon), sucking on ice cubes. Keeping water cool and lightly flavored with juice or lemon might also be more appealing.
  1. Is there an easy analogy to share with kids to help them understand how much water an active child should drink a day? Example: My son uses the Happy Birthday song twice to know how long to brush his teeth so I wonder if there is a fun way to water consumption for kids?
There is no established recommendation for water intake for kids, or adults. There are some general rules of thumb, but the need for water varies greatly be the individual, the environment, and intensity of the activity.  For adult athletes it is recommended that they determine their sweat rate by weighing themselves before activity and after to determine how much water was lost in sweat and replace 16-24 ounces for every point lost. Obviously that is more complex than a simple analogy.

A very general rule of thumb is 6-8 oz every 15 minutes of activity. Perhaps make a game of it by marking on a water bottle and incentivizing him to drink to that mark.  At the same time you don’t want to force it on him and finding a balance in encouraging him to drink some and also listen to his own body (and his own drive to drink) is important.

Clif Bar has all of your nutrition needs covered in a selection of bars and snacks. You can find the original Clif Bars, Organic Trail Mix bars, Athlete Series snack pouches, LUNA Bars, Builders Protein Bars, Kid ZBars, Mojo Bars, Kit’s Organics and Crunchy Oatmeal Bars. Whether you need the extra supplement or a satisfying snacks you’ll love these varieties. Notice the New Clif LUNA Dark Chocolate Bars! I am a huge dark chocolate fan so this excites me and the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut bar is so delicious and was a favorite of mine. My husband chose the LUNA Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond as his favorite. They are all so delicious. 
Have your kids tried the Clif Kids ZBars? My son loves them and we always keep some on hand. He loves the S’mores and Iced Lemon Cookie. They are great lunchbox and game day snacks! I always have them in my car and in sports bags so they are handy when he needs a snack to tie him over when we are out of the house. 
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