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Healthy Kitchen Gadgets from T-Fal

Samples sent for feature

T-Fal-Brand-Kitchen Gadgets

I recently gutted my kitchen cupboards. I gathered Tupperware with lost lids, lost lids with no containers, pots and pans with too much grime or loss of surface and kitchen utensils that were warped and donated or threw them out. It was time to get rid of the old and make a list to go shop for new.

What has been a go-t brand for me? T-Fal is one. The quality and price combined is a value that can’t be beat. I recently was sent a few new healthy kitchen gadgets I will share about with you.

t-fal products

Here are some of new T-Fal gadgets. From pots, bakeware, utensils and other gadgets T-Fal does a great job creating products that make life in the kitchen so easy.

The T-Fal Masher is not just your average masher, rather it has the side mashing feature. If you look, it has the prongs that stand up on the side. Also, the red silicone you see is a bumper. This allows you to safely tap the masher on the rim of a glass or porcelain bowl with no worries of chipping it. It is made of high-temp nylon that resists heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

t-fal masher

Have you ever wanted to make your own juice? As the more fruits are coming into season, there is nothing like fresh squeezed juice. If effort was keeping you from juicing your own fruit, try the T-Fal Citrus Juicer. No machines or running parts to maintain-just an effortless twist of your favorite citrus fruits. There is a larger and small juicing cups and a stay-fresh lid so you can juice, drink, re-lid and put in the fridge for later.

t-fal juicer

There are 2 T-Fal gadgets I love for a healthy kitchen in my RV. We just bought a newer RV and I now have a better grater and the perfect AirBake cookie sheet in a medium size which is great for the smaller oven in the RV. My standard cookie sheets were too big so I love the option of a medium size. It fits great.

t-fal sheet

The T-Fal Multi-Grater is fantastic because I choose the blade size I need and it all fits back together in a compact way which is what I need in the RV with the little kitchen space I have.

t-fal bake

Is it time to update your kitchen gadgets? Start by visiting visiting T-Fal online.

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