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Healthy kids holiday gifts from Firefly

This is a promotional post. I was provided product for my honest review

Holiday Gift Guide Feature
Every Christmas I fill the stocking with fun toothbrushes and other dental products for the kids. I do this because it is time to switch out from the September dental products I buy at back to school time. My youngest is 7 so it takes a little motivation to get him to brush his teeth and he was blessed with my awful teeth genes so it does not take much for him to get cavities and the sensitive teeth and gums. This is why I love Firefly dental products because they have the characters he loves to go with his pastes and flossing regimen. This year they some some fun characters that will fill the stockings well!
The goal that Firefly is after with their products is to get kids to brush the full recommended time of 2 minutes day and night-or 1 minute for each row of teeth. The toothbrushes light up and mouthwashes have fun measuring tools that are all set to the standards of time and portion when kids are taking care of their teeth and gums. 
Firefly Themes
Angry Birds
Care Bears
Hello Kitty
Hot Wheels
Strawberry Shortcake
Star Wars-NEW
My son loves the new Star Ward Lightsaber toothbrushes! These brushes talk, light up and have sound effects that run the duration of brushing time. He also follows up with his Angry Birds mouth rinse that includes a kid-friendly measure cup with handle. They are sugar-free and alcohol-free so they can fight those cavities and keep a healthy mouth in flavors they will love.
Firefly makes it so easy to keep my son motivated to brush and rinse and with the addition of the Star Wars lightsaber toothbrushes, these will be filling stockings all over on Christmas morning! These will be a hit so I am stocking up now!

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