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Healthy Foods Can Be a Fun Choice for Kids with Squash Boom Beet Book

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Squash Boom Beet

by: Lisa Maxbauer Price

“Stomp your feet. Squash the ground. It’s time to explore all around. March to the garden. Listen to the beat.  Get ready to find something wild to eat.” 

Getting kids to try new foods can be a challenge for many families. We try to cook and serve something new and just serve it, hoping to not get a negative reaction. However, like my son many will question this new food on their plate. I have always served my son what we were eating from the very beginning so he is a good eater, but he will still question new foods especially if the color or texture is different than most foods he eats.

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Choosing healthy foods can be fun when the photographs are as bright and engaging as they are in this book and showcase foods in gorgeous and simple settings. Kids can learn about these foods and with fun names like dinosaur kale and candy cane beets, it really allows kids to connect to these fresh farm foods even more.

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About the Author

“Nutrition journalist Lisa Maxbauer Price is the author and photographer behind the bookSquash Boom Beet. She spent 10 years in New York City working as a magazine editor before moving to the Midwest. She currently contributes to multiple national publications, writing on health, nutrition and parenting.

She is a contributor at First for Women magazine and has blogged for The New York Times. She currently lives in Northern
Michigan with her husband and three sons.”

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