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Healthy Eating: 3 Benefits to Eating Pickles – Vlasic Pickles Giveaway


One of the most refreshing snacks is a crisp, dill pickle straight from the fridge. All of my boys love pickles and when they are served beside a burger or sandwich at restaurants they won’t go to waste with us. I eat them because it satisfies my cravings for something crunchy and salty. Much better than eating a bag of chips or salty crackers. I never gave a real thought to the benefits of eating pickles and I wanted to learn if there were any.


There a few reasons why eating a pickles is considered a healthy snack, but I narrowed it down to 3 picks that stand out most to me. The first benefit to eating pickles is that they are low in calories, carbs and fat. A serving of pickles such as Vlasic pickles I will feature because of their delicious flavors and varieties, will only add about 4-5 calories to your diet. If you are weight watching, then these are 0 points to you! Vlasic has some flavored varieties that can bring you about 20-30 calories, but low nonetheless.

The second benefit to eating a pickle is that they are gluten free, kosher and have no MSGs. This makes it a great snack option for most diets. Eating just one pickle a day is considered 2 of the 5 fruit/veggie servings recommended in your daily diet. They offer you high fiber and antioxidants and also offer you calcium, iron an magnesium.

The third benefit of eating pickles I will mention is that the vinegars in pickles are great for the immune system. As we all know, vinegar has so many benefits in itself. Vinegars not only boost our immune systems, but they aid in digestion, are great for calcium breakdown for better joint health, it’s known to treat urinary infections and can aid in lowering blood pressure. Vinegars are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and helps to fight infections among other benefits.

Now I can go on about the benefits of herbs used in some flavors and the benefits of fermented varieties. but it’s safe to say that pickles offer a great healthy snack option for our daily diets. I had no idea that 1 pickle meant so much to my daily diet and that stood out most to me.

Vlasic Pickles Varities

Make sure you grab a jar of Vlasic on your next shopping trip. They have many varieties you will love as a snack or for recipes. You can find different cuts or Vlasic pickles such as spears, round chips and even whole pickles as well as smaller Snack’mms and stackers for sandwiches.

Vlasic also offers many delicious flavors from the classic dill or sweet flavors along with Bread & Butter, Sweet Heat, Zesty Dill and Sweet Gherkins.

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The Giveaway-ENDED!

1 lucky reader will win a Vlasic snack pack that includes a reusable food container and some Vlasic product coupons valued up to $4.99. Open to US and ends on 4/5. Enter below and good luck!

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