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Healthier Indoor Grilling with the Ronco Ready Grill

This is a product review for Ronco products

As summer fades and weather keeps us indoors, grilling does not have to stop! With revolutionary products like Ronco’s Ready Grill, you can get those healthier meats and veggies cooked evenly and fast! Perhaps you live in a complex with nowhere to outdoor grill and running the oven on hot days is miserable. The Ready Grill is a great kitchen appliance as I do not notice any heat radiating from it in a way that would add to the misery of no AC on a hot day! We live in the Pacific NW and this summer has had a few record-breaking hot days. We are not used to this heat and many homes do not have AC. Our home is only 3 years old and no one in our neighborhood has AC installed. We have portable units, but can’t afford one in every room. The Ronco Ready Grill has been a great dinner tool in the afternoon heat waves!
The Ready Grill is a vertical, indoor electric grill with non-stick, nickel-plated grill basket that is dishwasher safe. The basket grills from both sides at once for fast, even cooking. Gravity assists in the removal of grease and fats from the food as it grills. The basket is 99 square inches and will hold many types of foods at once from veggies and steak to fish and potatoes. As long as the cuts of food are pretty even in grilling size times, you can cook your entire meal contents in one cooking time. Grill Ready is a smoke-free device with an exterior drip tray. The analog timer will alert you when your food is done-you can actually do other tasks while dinner cooks!
I love the versatility of the grill. You can even cook bacon! The only caution I would say is you may forget how to fry and bake your foods because you will be grabbing this grill to cook all your meals! The infrared heating technology cooks evenly, fast and healthier than many other methods! Goodbye grease and fat, a grill-flavored meal will be ready soon!
Visit Ronco Products to learn more about the Ready Grill and more innovative products. Following on Facebook will keep you updated on their promotions and announcements.

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