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Healthees Organic Brown Rice Bowls now comes with three savory new flavors

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healthee brown rice line

Finding healthy, quick-cook side dishes and mini meals is tough. So many of the boxed products are loaded with preservatives or fats and other unhealthy additives. I like to locate clean-eating foods and these brown rice bowls from Healtheerice are delicious and nutritious.

healthee brown rice

Now USA’s Organic Brown Rice Bowls now comes with three savory new flavors:

  • Spanish Style
  • Chicken Chipotle
  • Chicken

microwave brown rice

Healthee USA heat-and-eat rice bowls aren’t only a great vegan option for healthy eating on-the-go, but with 100% organic, GMO-free ingredients they are also vegan and organic. In just 90 seconds you have 2 servings ready to eat. Spoon it onto a plate as a side dish or take to work as a quick lunch kin the microwave.

chicken brown rice

The rices are also 100% whole grain,  high in fiber and do not contain any trans fat or cholesterol. You can find these Healtheerice varieties as well as other HealtheeUSA branded foods at their website and at locations near you by using their store finder. This is the photo of the chicken and it is so delicious. I cooked the entire bowl for myself but it filled me up mid-day before I could finish it all.

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