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Health & Parenting Writing Prompts by Month

We all have that writers block when it comes to writing original and organic content. I can give ideas, but if 10 Bloggers use those ideas then it becomes not so original. I have become so flooded with reviews and sponsored content that I have not had room or time to write organically and that is bad!! I do state myself as a Blog that OFFERS reviews, but I am not 100% a review blog. So I started trying to write down ideas and I found a way to stay on trending topics each month. By sharing this method, you can take these topics that are trending month to month and make it original. I have compiled a list of month-by-month national recognized topics. Now I can use that to come up with a post or two that month relative to the topic.
Feel free to share this and use it yourself. Like I mention-this is a guide and all content stemming from these topics will come across as unique. I give a sample of ideas you can use, but get creative and do what fits your blog.
National Mentoring Month-teaching children to give back
National Soup Month-healthy soup recipes
National Oatmeal month-healthy recipes
Family Fit Lifestyle Month-family activities promoting health awareness
International Quality of Life Month-breaking bad habits
American Heart Month-heart healthy recipes
National Boost Self-Esteem Month-teens and pressures
National Children’s Dental Health Month-tips to teaching hygiene
National Athletic Training Month-getting body summer ready
National Nutrition Month-trending topics
Youth Art Month-how art inspires
Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Earth Awareness Month-earth related arts and craft ideas
Cancer Control Month-tips
Books to Brighten Young Minds Month-trending books for teens
Couple Appreciation Month-marriage tips
School Library Month-top books for different ages
National Bike Month-family activity
National Pet month-benefits a pet has on family
BBQ Month-healthy recipes
Skin Cancer Awareness Month-UV ray tips
Better Sleep Month-tips
Graduation Month-gift ideas
Flower Month-garden
Egg Month-protein tips
National Blueberry Month-healthy recipes
National Ice Cream Month-homemade recipes
National UV Protection Month-tips
Family Heritage Month-teaching children their roots
Back to School Month-tips
Golf Month-family healthy activity
National Honey Month-Healthy benefits
National Preparedness Month-have a plan
National Suicide Month-tips for staying connected to your teem
Kids Good Manners Month-fun ideas
Domestic Violence Month-talking to teens about dating and abuse
E-Card Month-have kids send loving notes to relatives
Breast Cancer Awareness Month-tips
Vegetarian Awareness Month-healthy recipes
National Diabetes Awareness Month-is your child in danger
National Bullying Awareness Month-books that teach
Peanut Butter Lover Month-healthy recipes
Made in America Month-highlight companies made in USA
National Stress Free Month-tips
Read a New Book Month-book a day ideas
Hope this guides you out of writers block!
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