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Health & Fitness Holiday Ideas

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Health & Fitness Holiday Ideas
By: Amber Collins

Just because you’re on holiday that does not mean you need to throw a year of hard work, healthy eating
and watching your figure out of the window. After weeks or months of hitting the gym, watching the
calories and cutting out sweets, why blow it all on two weeks of over indulgence in the sun? On the
other hand, of course, two weeks in the sun is much anticipated all year round, and you definitely don’t
want to watch fat content or be seen anywhere near a treadmill. Of course you want to enjoy yourself,
but you want to come back with a tan and great memories rather than an extra stone and a bad head.
For a healthier holiday why not take a look at these ideas for a refreshing approach to going abroad.

The Yoga Farm, Costa Rica
Whether you’re keen to perfect your yoga technique or are keen to start learning, The Yoga Farm,
situated in beautiful Costa Rica  is a magnificent holiday option for anyone looking to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Immerse yourself in a busy schedule of relaxing and refreshing yoga classes and training from globally acclaimed instructors. Set in the hills and overlooking countless beaches this scenic resort is filled with everything you need to re tune your mind and body. Enjoy fresh and local meals prepared on site with ingredients freshly picked from the land, or simply pick an apple to enjoy a healthy, fresh and tasty snack. For a break you can wander along the beautiful beach front and look out onto the Pacific Ocean. This is a unique break and a truly unforgettable holiday where you can work on toning the body and
freeing the mind.

Castel Monastero Spa Resort, Tuscany
For a little less exercise and a little more indulgence the spa resort of Castel Monastero will be a
welcome retreat. Nestled atop magnificent hills, this former monastery is a unique and beautiful resort
to indulge in some of the most relaxing and refreshing spa treatments available. The rustic allure of
Tuscany is only complemented by this medieval village and the monastery which has been nestled
in the beautiful backdrop since the eleventh century. Here you can enjoy countless therapies and
treatments to relax, recover and rejuvenate your mind and body as well as partake in more energetic
activities including swimming, polo or cooking classes. Food is served in the fabulous gourmet style
restaurants which has an unmistakable catalogue of guest chefs including Gordon Ramsay. For pure
indulgence and luxury this is the perfect spot to relax and energise in beautiful Tuscany.

The perfect beach break, Morocco
For relaxing and forgetting the world by the beach, there’s not where better than the clear waters and
golden sands of Morocco. But obviously, you can laze by the pool anywhere in the world, for a health
and fitness conscious holiday, you need a bit more action and adventure. Morocco is the perfect spot to
partake in a whole host of water sports and activities. The magnificent beaches on offer are unrivalled
and offer a competitive schedule of activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you have always wanted to
learn diving to discover the magical creatures beneath the deep, blue sea, want to get fit and active with
a few lessons in surfing magnificently, rugged waves or simply want to swim in the great outdoors,
Morocco has it all. It has some fantastic spots to ride the waves and some alluring depths which are
perfect for exploring and plenty of instructors, classes and packages on hand to get the most out of their

Bio: Amber Collins is a professional freelance writer and fun-loving mother. She is a fitness junkie
and try to be creative in implementing different exercises in her daily activities as a housewife.
She is an avid chocolate lover and always keep in her home lots of it. Her story of
following her determination of staying fit and writing about it will inspire you. Her present article is
dedicated on some dream destinations where fitness can be perfectly combined with unforgettable

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