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Healing Waters is Inspiring Transformations for mind and body

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Healing Waters Spa & Wellness
South Carolina * North Carolina * Kansas
It was 2 years ago on my 36th birthday when I received one of the best gifts I have ever received. I am a Mom to boys and salons just don’t fit into my routine. I leave the house more in ponytails and jeans than any other look. It is not that I don’t want the pampering, but I just find other avenues for my money and I am one of those Mom’s that enjoy spending it on my family instead of on myself. My Mom had gifted me a facial and at first I thought that perhaps it may be strange to have my face touched for an hour and perhaps they’d realize just how much I don’t take care of my skin back then. I arrived and sat in a waiting room, sipping tea they gave me and browsing all the products I was sure the gal would pitch to me the entire time (so I thought). I was called back and told the procedure and she left, handing me a robe and slippers and told me to undress. “What?” I thought I was getting a facial-what did my Mom sign me up for?! I put on the robe and grabbed the sheet to cover up that was left and all I could think as I lay on that soft table, in my soft robe in a room that smelled so tranquil was that if I were to fall asleep and take a much needed nap, would they still charge me? Just kidding, it was the most peaceful moment I had experienced in a while. 

During my facial, I had warm clothes, quiet music, amazing scents, rose steam treatments, a scalp massage and face massage, waxing by my brows and she even kept a calm and quiet tone. I was in heaven and as I write this post, I know exactly what is on my wish list this March for my birthday! I need another hour of rose scents, not half eaten banana smells from a lunchbox and quiet conversations, not yelling boys and tranquil music, not hip hop and kids tunes. I have ever since been inspired to take better care of my skin and I still do today. Healing Waters is too far from me unfortunately, but if you live near Raleigh-Durham, NC, Wichita, KS and now Columbia, SC you are in for a treat after deciding to step into their centers. 
Spa Centers

Healing Waters began from a deep desire to help people. Our goal was to create a place completely centered on the well-being of our guests and patients, with a staff of caring individuals inspired to help others see their self worth and realize their full potential.”

Healing Waters locations are in the three states I mention above. The newest location opened on January 15, 2015 in Columbia, SC. It is located and partnered with Palmetto Healthy Baptist Parkridge to offer complimentary spa services to patients. 

Healthy is not just diet and a gym membership. Healthy involves the body and mind. It is transforming your life in a beneficial and rewarding way. Their mission involves offering services that represent the essence of transformational change: Calm, Balance, Correct and Restore. You will find that their services of massage, facials, aesthetics, plastic surgery and wellness programs will touch on those 4 values of change.

Spa Products

Healing Waters proudly uses the Pure MD products in their salons. I was provided a bottle of the Youth Everlasting Anit-Aging Stem Cell Moisturizer and love it! Not only does this leave my skin smooth and moisturized, I love the gentle scent. To know that a spa is using these products assures me a pleasant experience with the scents in the variety of the Pure MD skin products. Pure MD has all of the skin products needed to assist Healing Waters in providing all of the skin and body treatments you desire. They have products for Calm, Balance, Correct and Restore for a fulfilling experience. Whether you have oily, problem, sensitive, combination or mature skin, you will get a treatment right for you.
Find more Pure MD products and learn more at
Making Healing Waters a destination you resolve to visiting this New Year will leave you with the pampering you deserve. If you do not live in these locations, share with family or friends or even gift a service right online! Healing Waters is a day you won’t forget!
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