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Headphones Your Kids Will Want to Wear

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Who would think that today we would have a discussion on the best ear buds for our child’s electronics? When I was a kid, there was hardly a headphone in a child’s size and if you could find one they were a hard plastic or oversized pair that were never comfortable to wear. Now kids use electronics everywhere and the headphones are an important accessory.

My son has a tablet, a phone with just games loaded and he likes to play with our devices as well. He uses his headphones in the car and RV so we don’t have to hear his volume and even when he falls asleep so he can drown outside noises out and just hear his music. He hates wearing the earbud type and will reach for his over-ear headphones. Now he has a pair of kids CozyPhones and he takes them everywhere, including to bed.

The headphones are a soft headband-great for sensory issues or even kids like mine that hate earbuds. Within the headband are 2 very thin speakers for each ear that are removable so you can place the right fit for your child. The designs are a lot of fun from frogs, solid colors and the emoji face CozyPhones like my son has and loved best. The cord is braided and extra long so it will last and withstand use. They can still hear Mom and Dad calling for them through the headphones and they stay in place so well.

CozyPhones are also available in adult sizes. I love using mine to hear music when I fall asleep on nights my husband needs silence to sleep. He lays right next to me and it does not bother him at all- he states he cannot hear my music playing when I have them on. The leopard print adult size CozyPhones I have are the perfect travel pair and it comes with a travel bag as well to keep them safe.

You will find that your CozyPhones are also great for air or car travel along with many other uses where bulky headphones are not providing you the comfort you want. Visit for all styles and sizes. Also available on Amazon.

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